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Spiral Knights

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This is the official Community Group for Spiral Knights.

Spiral Knights

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Black kats are once again storming the Moorcroft Manor Archives and consuming the precious tomes within! We need all knights of rank 4-1 and greater to gear up and retrieve Ancient Pages from these nefarious creatures.

Do the Kataclysmic Confrontation prestige mission and/or fight through kat levels in the Clockworks to find black kats. Then, visit Montague in Moorcroft Manor, or the Mysterious Crafting Machine in Haven, with your collection of Ancient Pages, to exchange for items:
  • Kat Claw hood, mask, cowl
  • Kat Hiss hood, mask, cowl
  • Kat Eye hood, mask, cowl

If you “accidentally” perform a Dark Ritual and survive the encounter, you may find yourself in possession of a Black Kat Cowl or a Wicked Whisker. Wicked Whiskers, dropped for all present party members, allow you to craft the following gear:
  • Kat Claw cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Hiss cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Eye cloak, mail, raiment
  • Black Kat cloak, mail, raiment, hood, mask
If you have participated in a previous Kataclysmic Confrontation[] and still have Ancient Page tokens, they are still valid! Ancient Page tokens do not expire.

Wicked 2016 Prize Box

During this event, Spiral HQ is offering the Wicked 2016 Prize Box. Contents include:
  • New wicked colored accessories
  • Wicked Leafy Aura
  • Wicked Dragon Wings
  • Crest of Curse
  • Nefarious Hood
  • Nefarious Raiment
  • Wicked colored armor and helms

The Kataclysmic Confrontation will run through July 18, 2016, and details on the box can be found here[]. Best of luck, knights!

Additional Release Notes

  • Steam region blocks for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong have been removed.
  • Slime key is now for sale in more places (Emberlight and sometimes the terminal). We suggest you continue to check with Smitty when he's around.
  • Fixed shadow lair conversation.
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