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Spiral Knights

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This is the official Community Group for Spiral Knights.

Spiral Knights

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Whole lot of things going on for Winterfest! First, if you haven't read up on our Winterfest activities, go over here and do that. We'll wait.

Next: Polar Prize Boxes! Get Polar Warden hoods, Polar Warden coats, Polar Accessories, and more. All very wintery, so read up on the details here[].

And, as is the custom during the Solstice twice a year, we have Solstice Prize Boxes[]. Behold!

Finally, Spiral Knights DLC is on sale during the current Steam Sale. Operation Crimson Hammer[], the expansion mission, is 75% off, and the Guardians Armor Pack[] is 50% off.

Have a happy Winterfest, knights!
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