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Spiral Knights

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This is the official Community Group for Spiral Knights.

Spiral Knights

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Hail, knights!

Cradle's most famous chef, Biscotti, has struck a deal with Kozma, Spiral Quartermaster, to issue a new round of Battle Chef items! These are:
  • Battle Chef Coats (pink, yellow, and purple)
  • Battle Chef Hats (pink, yellow, purple)
  • Overcharged Mixmaster
  • Power Mitt
As you might have guessed, Overcharged Mixmaster and Power Mitt were originally developed for missions of a culinary nature. Rest assured, Spiral HQ has confirmed them to be suitable for a wide variety of military applications. They are best used as handgun and shield, respectively.

Along with these Confection Prize Box items, you may also find:
  • 3-5 confetti
  • 2 random sprite food
  • Sprinkle Aura
These will be available to interested knights through September 9, 2014! Get the full details right here[].
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