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Spiral Knights

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This is the official Community Group for Spiral Knights.

Spiral Knights

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Happy Winterfest[]! This is our annual holiday event and celebration!

All the creatures of Cradle are celebrating the season with snow, festive songs, and hats. Some Gremlins say "Humbug!" and plan to stop Impostoclaus and destroy Winterfest! Stop the Grinchlins from destroying Winterfest with two daily prestige missions.

Visit Impostoclaus' helper, Randolph, near the fountain in Haven to exchange tokens for festive helms, winter confetti, and snowballs.

Raid the Grinchlin stronghold on Mount Krampus to stop them from ruining Winterfest! Make your way through the compound, all the way to the summit to find special 4* Solstice Ring trinkets. Combine them together to make the 5* Grand Solstice Ring trinket!

Visit the Supply Depot for Decoration Kits for your guild hall and gift boxes to wrap your gifts and attach a note! Take a moment at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine. There's a handgun that's minty fresh!

Click here[] for more details.

The deepest cold of winter has settled on Cradle. Outside of Haven the cold, snow, and ice have taken over the landscape. Spiral HQ has issued some high tech gear designed to give knights the edge in the brutal conditions. Plus, the high visibility color options, Tech Blue, Tech Green, Tech Orange, and Tech Pink, make it easier to spot your party members during whiteout conditions. This technical gear includes such items like Chilled Aura, Ice Axe, and other WinterTech accessories.

The WinterTech Box contains items such as:
  • Chilled Aura
  • Circuitry Eye
  • Ice Axe
  • Down Puffer
  • Down Puffer Unzipped
  • Pompom Snow Hat
  • Snow Hat
  • Various new accessories

More information on the WinterTech Box and its contents may be found here[]. Bundle up mates. Winter is not coming; it’s already here. However it wont last long, Winter Tech Prize Boxes are only available through January 12, 2018.
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