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*MasterXG* 25 aug 2011 om 5:10nm 
Wow a dream came true: An online multiplayer Bomberman ripoff game xD
GameGHZ: Link is a kid 12 aug 2011 om 6:25vm 
TyMaH 8 aug 2011 om 8:53vm 
General Cat 5 aug 2011 om 5:02vm 
I enjoyed it greatly
TaPaKaH 5 aug 2011 om 12:31vm 
nice! Bomberman 4ever! :)
Sir Bagels 4 aug 2011 om 5:18nm 
Did I just get bomberman as free DLC in a game that was already free to begin with? Im in heaven.
Sir Bagels 4 aug 2011 om 5:17nm 
Did I just get Bomberman as free DLC for one of my games. Im in heaven.
Springem 4 aug 2011 om 12:49nm 
Bomberman ! ;D
Furrio583 4 aug 2011 om 11:43vm 
Gigglemoo 4 aug 2011 om 11:36vm 
This was a lot of fun! :)