Spiral Out: One Million Spiral Knights and Counting!

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My hips are moving on their own! 18 jul 2011 om 7:13nm 
Remember to treat the pod hatchlings nicely. :P
Wezz 8 jul 2011 om 3:27nm 
Im thinking about proposing an alchemy path for scarlet shield (im loving it, it could turn to a full-blown heart bolted together in pieces
DropD 7 jul 2011 om 11:37nm 
Great job everyone! I joined late, but i'm happy I wasn't TOO late!
DarkCrystalMethod 7 jul 2011 om 12:24nm 
Oh there is one more thing I noticed:. A lack of 3star or higher weapons that do shock (electricity) damage. I started on the theme thinking there would be opportunities to get 5 star shock everything. The Wikki seems to not show it. Shocking edge seems to stop at 2star, cold-turkey, and its a bit disturbing.
Ok thanks.
Vermilicious 7 jul 2011 om 7:15vm 
Loved the new boss stratas! Keep it up!
Diejobdeathcar 7 jul 2011 om 2:38vm 
A million? THAT'S OVER 9000!
TeeGR 6 jul 2011 om 7:07nm 
meh those are ppl who registred the game to get steam achivement only
My hips are moving on their own! 6 jul 2011 om 5:00nm 
This new update broke my game,it said unexpected end of file from server. :s
anna mae eating cake 6 jul 2011 om 4:54nm 
Over a million? :D Keep up the good work! :D
DarkCrystalMethod 6 jul 2011 om 4:50nm 
Squads larger than 4 please(how about unlimited?). Also a toggle for 1st person view.
Thirdly, voicechat should have a push-to-talk (like all other steam games). The constant on mic sucks bandwidth and kicks me off. If I shut it off however and use skype, it seems to work fine. Just some problem code.

The slow mist regen is perhaps too slow, but its almost ok. Would like a 1mist progress bar somewhere so I can see how long I need to wait.

Anyway, love the game.
May you have many million more Knights players.
You deserve a medal