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Easter is coming and Slender Bunny needs your help!

The Slender Bunny has lost 10 of his Easter Eggs that he needs to hide for his vict..*ahem*…umm…victORIOUS Easter Egg hunters!

Help Slender Bunny by sending screenshots of all 10 Easter Eggs hidden in Slender: The Arrival to and he’ll reward 3 entries with a $50 Steam gift card.

The contest will start Tuesday, April 15 and submissions will not be accepted after Monday, April 21 at midnight EST. You need to submit all 10 screenshots in order to be placed into the draw for the prize.

Good luck!

Blue Isle Studios


Patch 1.5.6 fixes:

-Fixed tree leaves being rendered black rather than vibrant color.
-Fixed an issue where a number of objects on screen would disappear unexpectedly.
-Fixed an issue with grass rendering in chunks rather than smoothly fading out in a distance.
-Removed leaderboard achievements, those that have already obtained those achievements will retain them. For new players, the achievements will not appear to exist.
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