Attention all astronauts!

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Mubly 12 mrt om 12:34nm 
Anyone seen this great new Shattered Horizon interview?
Bigedwolfen 6 jun 2012 om 10:50vm 
when i see the screenshots, my Graphics look like shit :P an i turned teh settings to the MAX ! any ideas ? :(
Elcu<Nya~> 6 jun 2012 om 10:30vm 
great game, very well executed ideas, the only serious problem with the game... NOBODY ELSE PLAYS IT! ಠ_ಠ
Talonparty 6 jun 2012 om 5:16vm 
Yeah I am only seeing 13 servers and there are no human players at the moment
Bigedwolfen 6 jun 2012 om 4:25vm 
am i doing something wrong, or are there really only 16 servers ? :D
Tyrr0 6 jun 2012 om 3:55vm 
im on now :P
Bigedwolfen 6 jun 2012 om 3:51vm 
Well i would be in a game, but i think there is nobody else xD
Tyrr0 6 jun 2012 om 3:46vm 
I'll be on the spatial forces server for a few hours, anyone up for a game?
Talonparty 6 jun 2012 om 3:40vm 
I am redownloading now, hopefully there will be some crowds
Snips 6 jun 2012 om 3:33vm 
What the game needs is someone to get on this group, and start posting these announcements, but have them as game events so we can all try to get on at once.