Last Stand pack released

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Death_Masta187 24 mrt 2011 om 8:34nm 
easly this is one of the best games in the last 10 years. I cant wait to see what they come up with next.
[BP] blueyes77 18 mrt 2011 om 1:53nm 
This gamemode is awesome when played coop and hardest level:D
Italic_ 17 mrt 2011 om 7:53nm 
Easily my favorite game on Steam, and I'm very glad the developer team still cares for their customers. #1 game in my library, hands down. I just wish more people played...
kanaka elemika 17 mrt 2011 om 7:34nm 
this game is so underrated, deserves more exposure!
IceMarker 17 mrt 2011 om 5:01nm 
Thanks FM, even with a small active playerbase you guys still show your support for your product!
Wraith 17 mrt 2011 om 1:44nm 
Makin' Me Happy.
JoeFabooch 17 mrt 2011 om 1:39nm 
Lookin forward to pickin this up again
Bonder 17 mrt 2011 om 12:11nm 
N0rb3rt 17 mrt 2011 om 11:59vm 
MatveiOstr 17 mrt 2011 om 10:55vm 
Thnk you developers!