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Howdy, space travelers! Today's Sea of Stars update adds several new gameplay mechanics and other improvements. For example, we're very excited about a change that makes fighters (such as Ripcord O'Reilly) much more useful in combat - fighters in your flotilla will now "bail out" when critically damaged rather than blowing up, so you can use them more boldly and repair them after combat. Repair after combat, you say? Yes, ship damage is now persistent and repairs cost time. And speaking of time, there's now a button to wait at a star which comes in handy if you're trying to ambush something. Full change list below:
  • Added persistent ship damage, and repair UI (through ship view).
  • Made player fighters survive critical damage by automatically fleeing.
  • Added several new fighter allies.
  • Added special teleportation ability to Zorg fighters.
  • Limited available allies in each game to five, with up to two fighters.
  • Added "advance time" button, for waiting/ambush.
  • Added particle effects to thrusters (on ships with no star drive).
  • Made it possible to re-arrange ships in your fleet by dragging.
  • Limited what systems can be installed on a fighter (only smaller shields etc).
  • Added several new pieces of art, and new lifeforms.
  • Made start up logo sequence use one piece of music throughout.
  • Game now starts with weaker thrusters, so there's more reason to upgrade.
  • Fixed a glitch in text rendering that caused a typo in space hulk event.
  • Fixed a glitch caused by giving fighters orders while deploying.
  • Fixed wrong particles on mercenary who was given a drive as payment.
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