Vote for Max Payne 3 in this Year's Golden Joysticks

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Rockstar Games 2012年10月17日 12時33分 
@Elias Cool!
Princess :) 2012年10月17日 6時49分 
I have enjoyed this game very much, some grafic stupidity but i had my 3D Popcorn ... anyway, i do hope it wins !!
[E-PULSE] Exposed Cunts 2012年10月17日 1時45分 
Cool Game
Kipsta77 2012年10月16日 22時52分 
and ofcoarse GTAV for 'one-to-watch'!
FER9IE 2012年10月16日 16時14分 
Max Payne 3 is easily one of the best games I've played. Story is bang on the money, it's gritty, it's dark, it's brutal, it's harder than chuck norris' erection ffs ! If this doesn't win anything I will f***king kill myself live on YouTube lol. Well maybe not myself, I'll kill something anyway, maybe...just kill some...time...on YouTube ?.

Rekon Best Shooter, MP3 for sure, if not, it'l be close between MP3 and BF3. If COD takes it, heh, then the GJA's is all a big scam.
HaraDaya! 2012年10月16日 12時27分 
Good game that's ruined by force-feeding you cutscenes even on your second playthrough. Kills any replayability when I have to spend over 50% of the time stuck on unskippable cutscenes.
RafaelHikari 2012年10月16日 10時20分 
Mediocre Game, Even more for who lives in São Paulo
Strategia OK 2012年10月16日 10時08分 
amazing game
honeythief 2012年10月16日 8時56分 
☆★CpT.BarT★☆ IcaRuS♤ 2012年10月16日 6時44分 
yes yes yessssss