Chrome Guns Bonus Now Available for All Social Club Members

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Rockstar Games 17 oct 2012 à 12h34 
@Gross @MUSE @AshHousewares Sure!
SmokeDizzy42 5 oct 2012 à 9h56 
damn red dead looking dope on pc lawl... forgot about mp3 might play again and see if the multi is still full of hackers
Podvignik 5 oct 2012 à 8h13 
Thanks Rockstar
MUSE[소셜 클럽 KOR_MUSE] 5 oct 2012 à 7h57 
Thanks Rockstar
Arsenno Vaytnessko Testosteroni 5 oct 2012 à 7h57 
Good news ^_^
Delano 5 oct 2012 à 7h57 
AshHousewares 5 oct 2012 à 7h57 
Thanks Rockstar! :D
George 5 oct 2012 à 7h56