The New Maps of the Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation DLC Pack

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NeonHeisenberg 29 okt 2012 om 10:05vm 
Rockstar Games 26 okt 2012 om 3:23nm 
@>> WaZz << We have already implemented some anti-cheating measures. See here:
WhenYouGoWestCallMe 25 okt 2012 om 8:42vm 
GTA V damnit
liquidfeline 24 okt 2012 om 1:39nm 
I know the fun of games is trying and trying again till you can get better! not having someone else who isnt even real play for you!
Chaz 23 okt 2012 om 5:03nm 
Why do people hack. Isn't it enough that the game is fun and entertaining. Anywho, nice call. Thanks RockStar. I can't wait to get this.
LarryLicksLemons 23 okt 2012 om 2:55nm 
YAY!!!! NEW MAPS!!!! Still no GTA V trailer....
WaZz 23 okt 2012 om 2:19nm 
WaZz 23 okt 2012 om 2:18nm 
Multiplayer wouldnt be dead if it wasent for all these fucken hackers on it.
Jarzombek 23 okt 2012 om 1:00nm 
sad to hear that people are saying the Mp mode is dead. ill get this for 2.50 or less
ÐaяKshodaɳ 23 okt 2012 om 10:51vm 
10€? yeah sure... for a good Story DLC maybe but not for some maps , the mp mode is nearly dead anyway