Congrats to Louis Lamrani and Rachel Locke, the Final Two Fans Cast as Upcoming Max Payne 3 DLC Character Faces

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Rockstar Games 17 sep 2012 om 12:16nm 
@Chaz Cheers!
Chaz 12 sep 2012 om 2:41nm 
Congratulations Rachel, Louis ! Thanks RockStar for the announcement.
Johnny Blanco 12 sep 2012 om 1:03nm 
Упоротые, ржу с Рокстара. Мой фейс и тот лучше бы вписался, а это уж слишком!
Myth[Alex] 12 sep 2012 om 12:04nm 
@ Marcos:

:-))) haha "sorry, faces owners"

@ Rockstar:

Please, give us more news regarding GTA V !!!
Kyctuk 12 sep 2012 om 10:24vm 
ahaha, plise release quickly gta 5) Face is ugly, sorry owners faces...
Scapure 12 sep 2012 om 10:19vm 
dat face xD
GR:) 33397 12 sep 2012 om 10:19vm 
.....and not a single f**k was given that day.....
Mr.Gia 12 sep 2012 om 10:18vm 
not bad but lol
MTL 12 sep 2012 om 10:18vm 
Belgium Powa !!!
Good ol' Hankerdoodle 12 sep 2012 om 10:18vm 
who cares?