Play the Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Pack for Max Payne 3 with a Rockstar Dev

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光辉岁月 5 de abr às 7:38 
Ghouri_T]-[E Lion Heart-*- 22/dez/2014 às 9:58 
Help me in finding online match. How do Max Payne 3 is played online? How to connect to online servers?
rk #gdk #ck 22/jan/2014 às 21:17 
@Rockstar Thank's for fixing the modders in GTA 5!! :D
DENISK@SS 14/jul/2013 às 12:54 
MaxPower [ITA] 4/jun/2013 às 6:57 
Noi vogliamo gta 5 :)
21sam121[WoS] 25/mai/2013 às 9:05 
всё ок
Vendigo 24/mai/2013 às 2:42 
Kill`em all!!!!
Frag 26/abr/2013 às 6:15 
hi umm rock* i want to ask will and when will u put red dead redemption on pc ? i mean there is a whole group here in steam who wants to have the game on pc and wants to buy the game
plz put it on :( every day without it
is agony
^7CASUALS PARADISE 7/mar/2013 às 9:55 
Hello, Rockstar Games. I want to say that you are the best game-maker studio in the world. Your games are epic and great! And remember, that the whole world is waiting for GTA V and we hope that it will be on Steam! Thank you! (I am sorry for my English.)
Rockstar Games 7/mar/2013 às 8:13 
@Chaz Sure, hope to see you again in-game.