Triple XP + Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer Event (Friday January 11, 4-7PM EST)

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BrokenWind 16 июн, 2013 в 22:24 
Рашн есть?)
zCHIP 13 июн, 2013 в 8:41 
CyBeR Junky 31 янв, 2013 в 8:57 
ToxicSkuLLxx Jan 21, 2013 @ 7:12am
that mouse looks awesome>Mouse is awesome i broke my RAT9 on this game :( Played to hard :)
SouthLander 22 янв, 2013 в 11:01 
All of them look awesome
❅ Yudo-chan 20 янв, 2013 в 22:12 
that mouse looks awesome
darksertkill 19 янв, 2013 в 6:45 
Fadilswag 16 янв, 2013 в 0:13 
I think is very very good GTA V
Rockstar Games 14 янв, 2013 в 16:23 
We're contacting potential winners in the event sweepstakestoday. Good luck!

@«♫»RiceMaster Please hit up our Support team so they can help with your technical issues:
sweetness_78745 14 янв, 2013 в 2:26 
I would love a RAT gaming moue!!! My net was messing with me so sadly, I just read this an missed the release weekend of MP3 and yes, I am a social club member:)
Bloodborne ConsolePortMasteRace 13 янв, 2013 в 22:30 
i think GTA V coming on pc, if the game come and run with the console crap hardware on pc would be cool with a good pc version like max payne. PC have the "next generation" from 3-4 years but devs don't care console more kids = more money