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Max Payne 3 for PC: New Screens and Details Including System Specs and Digital Pre-Order Info

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.rc Everton1992 25 apr 2012, ore 5:54 
35 GB, con mi internet en Chile xD, durará años la descarga (en modo chistoso). Y espero que el DLC multijugador éste en Chile.
Workman159 24 apr 2012, ore 5:34 
35 Гб говорите? Не вопрос! :)
PetTechGuy didn't die? 23 apr 2012, ore 23:34 
Chill out, guys. A game doesn't fully represent an engine. This is the second game with RAGE engine on PC, let's just see how well it does this time.
ValentB 23 apr 2012, ore 14:37 
Cappello Di Paglia 23 apr 2012, ore 11:07 
lol learn to programming, ur engine is optimized bad on easy put best hw in specs
Rockstar Games 23 apr 2012, ore 10:51 
@VBProject @Someone @KARTA & others, yes, between the epic multiplayer modes, the single-player story, and all the graphics fully optimized for PC, this is a big game – get ready!
VBProject 23 apr 2012, ore 10:50 
Just Cause 2 - 5 GB
Mafia 2 - 7 GB
Far Cry 2 - 3 GB
Burnout Paradise - 3 GB

All of them open world games with amazing graphics and optimization on PC.
VBProject 23 apr 2012, ore 10:49 
Max Payne turned into another former-PC, now console game with crap PC port.
R* could compress files.
-=Still=- 23 apr 2012, ore 10:33 
OMG ! It's a shame for Max Payne franchise !
daemeh 23 apr 2012, ore 9:29 
35 gb and last computers? SRSLY?