Demo Now Available!

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Xalder 2014年1月13日 19時06分 
The demo was great. Watching the video on the store page, It looks overly complicated and like it would be boring to learn everything about the game, playing the campaign provided in the demo I was pleasantly surprised to find how simple it really was, and overall the amount of fun I had.

The story doesn't draw me in as much as I would normally like, but I am interested in seeing more, even if simply for the chance to test out some more ships and basically get tutorials on how to use them before putting in the effort to really get to know how to use one for multiplayer action.

What I'm saying is, it got me to add the game to my wish list. I'd definitely like to get back to it at some point. Thank you!
pika da pi mofo 2014年1月13日 3時26分 
That is very generous
randylin26 2014年1月7日 9時43分