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What a week for Train Simulator! Not only did we release the highly anticipated Chatham Main Line, the classic Kentish link between London & the Medway Towns, but we also released our BR Blue Diesel & Electrics Pack to compliment the Chatham Main Line as if it were back in the early 1980s. For this weekend we thought we would showcase some of the highlights we’ve seen following the release of the Chatham Main Line.

Creator of popular routes such as South London and Thameslink, North Jersey Coast & New Haven and Munich to Augsburg, Garmisch and Rosenheim, Danny – DTG employee and route merger extraordinaire from the Steam Workshop – has done it again with his latest route releases that feature the merge of London-Faversham High Speed, the Sheerness Branch and of course the Chatham Main Line. This vast route comes in two versions, circa~2012 and circa~2016, both of which differ to appropriately to the era in which they are set for example; old Rochester Station is used in 2012 and the new station features in 2016, the signalling also differs with East Kent Phase 2 signalling coming into play in the most recently timed version, another notable change is the remodeling of Gravesend Station which has occurred in recent years.

Regardless of which version you prefer, the routes give you the opportunity to run from Faversham or Sheerness-on-Sea to either London Victoria (via Herne Hill or Catford) or to St. Pancras Intl via Strood. Like the Chatham Main Line, the route also includes the branch to Orpington.

You must own London-Faversham High Speed, the Sheerness Branch and the Chatham Main Line for these routes to work.

Click here for more information - http://train-simulator.com/run-the-ultimate-south-east-network/
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