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Train Simulator

Wutachtalbahn: Lauchringen – Immendingen Available Now

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[UniSB] Lumia Sep 17 @ 7:39am 
More French routes !!!!
Placard1267 Sep 16 @ 8:03pm 
More American routes!
basilisgian82 Sep 16 @ 3:29pm 
Why on earth the BR86 never runs out of steam pressure?Also still has no Driver and second man inside.Also the wagons included have no passengers...Lazy dtg
Overland Sep 15 @ 10:55pm 
Beautiful engines. always admired these locos for how beefy they are
SO_MG_67 Sep 11 @ 12:36pm 
Could be a nice addon. But no discount as owner of the BR86? So I've to buy it a second time? ->no way?
StephanP Sep 10 @ 9:33am 
Mr. Man Sep 10 @ 8:28am 
A problem with Part 2 of this scenario - cannot load passengers at one of the middle stations - scenario failed. Anyone else have this issue?
Felix.AVMP Sep 8 @ 10:11pm 
I was hoping for additional rolling stock ("retro" passenger wagons mostly, such as Umbauwagen and/or Rekowagen - both exists in freeware form, but it would have been nice to have workshop compatible versions).

Sigh, at least we finally have Donnerbüchsen with DR livery (from GDR with love! )

P.S. DTG try to figure out some means to incentify those of us, who own included rolling stock, ie. DR BR 86 already (OK, i appreciate the fact, that you are not fragmeting further the asset base, but that is about it...)

P.P.S. DTG get someone to make better version - or better yet, licence existing models - of german mechanical signals. Those which you use, are something between a parody and an insult.
CrazyGecko Sep 8 @ 8:35pm 
More US routes
Trains of Land Down Under Sep 8 @ 5:20pm 
Can we leave europe North America China and the UK and do other places aka Australia New Zeland and South America