Steam UserID Ticket Errors - FIXED

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Rustofski Mar 10 @ 1:31pm 
still dont werk
Kragh Feb 19 @ 6:56pm 
wish I knew about this before updating... anyone know of any options to possibly revert back to a previous version of steam? or anything else that would help me run PVKII?
Im Spiel Feb 15 @ 4:35am 
For everyone with Steam Certificate Lenght Error (0/2048) disable the steam beta update did it for me
reported Feb 13 @ 9:47am 
Also getting the same error Demonci posted, Steam Certificate Lenght Error (0/2048)
[ORE] Chaos Feb 8 @ 4:05am 
Well as problems get fixed new ones arrive I got a steam certificate length error (0/2048)
Mort Feb 1 @ 7:54am 
Combine™ Jan 23 @ 11:37am 
good to hear, thanks
eisiger Jan 22 @ 7:27pm 
What did you do to the voices
.Abraham Linkens Sphere Jan 22 @ 10:21am 
well thats nice i suppose.
Sătănică™ Jan 22 @ 2:29am 
That's ok, but my question is : WHEN THE FUDGE IS THE MAA COMING OUT ?!