Now Announcing Announcers!

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 19 август 2011 в 2:05след. 
Blood-Wiper 10 март 2011 в 2:44след. 
Cap 9 март 2011 в 3:42сут. 
Ever since you changed the voices i llost interest in what used to be a very good game. The old voices had more personality
UR|Zuzuzu 8 март 2011 в 11:16сут. 
The Announcer doesn't sound knightish, much rather viking-oriented.
Padilhoso 8 март 2011 в 8:27сут. 
When the Pvkii be back?
proudlarry 8 март 2011 в 4:11сут. 
Will you guys walk down the methaphorical hall and kick the alien swarm devo team right in their methaphorical / hypothetical testicles explaining that a free game needs love too. :P
x O x O x O
Kakis 7 март 2011 в 1:35след. 
mango theyre obviously still working on it if they released it now it would be pretty much buggy and unbalanced and who the fuck wants that
[NT*] Jerre 7 март 2011 в 1:32след. 
These Announcr voices sounds really awesome. But newer classes would be awesome too. i heard they are working on the sharpshooter and the Man-at-Arms!
Accelerator 7 март 2011 в 1:32след. 
Generalissimo Cyborgdog 7 март 2011 в 1:18след. 
hey i got an idea, how about u ADD THE OTHER CLASSES LIKE YOU PROMISE its been like 2 years since u say '' WE GONNA PUT MORE CLASSES IN THE GAME'' voices are nice but i rather have characters any day