Portal 2

How to Create Test Chambers in Five Steps

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ProfessorToastie 8 lutego 2016 o 9:32 
18 września 2014 o 7:45 
There could be so many more options to choose from :/
aden8r 2 sierpnia 2014 o 5:08 
Vaporouscreeper 17 lipca 2014 o 21:58 
Fol | LonelyEcho❤ 23 czerwca 2014 o 17:22 
you should add a option for potatos as well as an option for wheatly, and options to make them talk, when and when to make glados talk
That Yoshi 7 stycznia 2014 o 18:21 
Dr. Limbo 29 grudnia 2013 o 4:50 
I'd like to be able to place out Energy Pellet emiters and those Portal Frames to be able to make a map where you have too press buttons in the right order to get to the Weighted Storage Cubes to guide the lasers and pellets.
Companion643 26 grudnia 2013 o 17:42 
Add crushers!!! Also, you should add the option for defective turrets, those guys are riots!
nik-erema 20 maja 2013 o 7:10 
а как скачать то
dan.burov.01 18 maja 2013 o 5:48 
как скачать обнавление