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DareDevil670 27 marca o 5:06 
oh and plus im not a appature employe so if you dont give me a raise on march 31 2017 YOUR FIREED (that means steam account money)
DareDevil670 27 marca o 5:04 
i want a raise because ive been making so much parts of Vine Appature and i must say there preety good john but let me tell you one thing THERES 21 PARTS AND I HAVENT GOT A RAISE!! seriously give me a raise or Your fired mr.john 3/27/2017
AnonymousPerson 31 grudnia 2016 o 22:49 
Silly humans such as Peter do not stand a chance, hire robotic workers to do the job.. oh yeah,can i have a raise for my brilliant idea?
Hirridok 31 grudnia 2016 o 17:13 
sir, are you still alive? if you are PLEASE DONT FIRE ME PLEASE DONT FIRE ME
Suicidal Sauce 21 grudnia 2016 o 16:20 
Sir, can I have a rais- PLEASE DON'T FIRE ME!!
MiRoGo 26 stycznia 2016 o 9:46 
Ok Mr.Johnson
<> 10 grudnia 2015 o 0:35 
Marx Kek 9 października 2015 o 19:00 
lol cave joohnson. YES SIR MR. JOHNSON!
Jane Sable 9 października 2015 o 18:59 
This is why I love Valve's writers.
djd3d0 20 sierpnia 2014 o 13:52 
I hate it.... so much i hate it.