A Message From Cave Johnson

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djd3d0 20 ago, ore 13:52 
I hate it.... so much i hate it.
[4YM Stryka] dyljaymac 9 ago, ore 8:07 
yeah, me too
Quote 17 lug, ore 22:15 
I read this message in Cave's voice.
snivy 14 lug, ore 19:04 
just let GLaDOS make test chambers. She's pertty good :)
ProBananaMan 2 lug, ore 23:42 
So Johnson is alive through this process of sending people through "an infinate series of alternate Earths"? Hmm...
Pork-Chop Express 17 giu, ore 11:03 
Pete, you're fired. Out of a cannon. Powered by a lemon.
Spikedog35 29 mag, ore 14:12 
Yes sir, mister Johnson! X'P
Eyan141 14 feb, ore 21:30 
Pete. If you dont leave soon I will have to fire you literaly, with a COMBUSTIBLE LEMON!
FlashMussle 25 ott 2013, ore 13:24 
I was reading this is Cave's voice too! That is soo weird!
Lythar 8 set 2013, ore 10:51