Portal 2


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I'mokXD-Hellcase.com 26 Fev, 2014 às 14:56 
i like chicken
Atari 3 Ago, 2011 às 2:12 
Portal is godlike, it is the best game ever!
The_bright_shadow 2 Ago, 2011 às 7:57 
This game is the best game I have played so far. It will remain like this unles portal 3 comes out (if it does) then it might be in the #1 spot.
doe127 23 Jul, 2011 às 11:49 
Cave Johnson: who am i kidding when life gives u lemons dont make lemonade! GLaDOS: yeah! {Cave: take back the lemons take em back life take em! GLaDOS: YEAH! take back ur dang lemons!!! Cave: and keep em!!!! GLaDOS: oh i like this guy LOL
Jønah 13 Jul, 2011 às 16:58 
It also makes you think VERY hard witch I enjoy.
Jønah 13 Jul, 2011 às 16:57 
OMG I LOVE THIS GAME, even though its kinda hard and I'm stuck at one part of the game its just so much fun and when Glados, Whetely, or that guy thats on the speaker (I forgot his name) says somthing its normaly pretty darn funny.
DrSlash 6 Jul, 2011 às 2:58 
Best. Game. Ever.
Danny Brown 1 Jul, 2011 às 19:12 
If people are wondering, people are looking for people who haven't played co-op before to get an achievement. Good luck to those who are tying to get that
Reaper 21 Jun, 2011 às 21:01 
Like many other people im looking for someone that hasnt played co op yet. Im willing to help get the other achievements for you as well please add me on steam or psn my name is Mr_Bonedaddy thanks =)
Violet Evergarden 4 Jun, 2011 às 23:41 
Пл русскому бы..