Portal 2

Free DLC out now for Portal 2

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Dog gone 24 січ о 11:14 
I still need to submit my tax I.D. to finish editing my workshop test chambers? DAMN you steam, you made me waste all of that time and effort fixing YOUR glitches, and lock me out of my workshop, and preventing me from publishing ! Portal2 isn't enjoyable anymore ! Who said I wanted royalties?? Damn you to an alternate universe you pigs.
damian\gage walley 23 бер 2015 о 15:06 
I Love it
DR.Funtimes 19 чер 2014 о 15:51 
i will play withanyone who wants to play or beat levels you havent ive beat the game i know all the levels just add me and ill help. <:) (i also dont need any noob comments saying im level 1)
A_guayo 14 вер 2013 о 14:33 
How do I install it if I already have Portal 2?
devek1001 6 тра 2013 о 5:25 
why doesn't this say ANYTHING about the challenge mode that comes with this DLC?
Gerrit 17 тра 2012 о 11:09 
Made with the new DLC: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=72420067

Subscribe my map, play it and you will learn cool stuff
tahu3530 13 кві 2012 о 20:26 
add me if you want to play co-op portal 2 (i have no friends who play it)
FeelsStronkMan(Lyoha198) 30 бер 2012 о 22:24 
FeelsStronkMan(Lyoha198) 30 бер 2012 о 22:20 
FeelsStronkMan(Lyoha198) 30 бер 2012 о 22:19 
тут есть русскии а?