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ROSE Online

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It seems that a trickster within the universe of ROSE Online(Crune probably) has created a potion of sorts to ENLARGE items! It seems that he isn't done creating though...

Either way, through his mistakes; The Big Astarot Wings have been created! Thankfully, not all the wings were affected but be sure to grab the one that caters to your fashion. We can only have them for a week.

You will be able to grab one of these tiny beauties in the BIG Astarot Wings of Sentiment Box! All the available wings in the box are listed below.

Check out the Big Astarot Wings! Never available before~

Big Astarot Wings of Charity

Big Astarot Wings of Diligence

Big Astarot Wings of Forgiveness

Big Astarot Wings of Humility

Big Astarot Wings of Kindness

Big Astarot Wings of Purity

Big Astarot Wings of Temperance
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