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This is a community of ROSE Online gamers. Join us and share your ROSE Adventures!

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With our new combined Arua server, we have competed a major update to the Clan System! Now you can level your clan through hunting monsters, Clan quests and tackling dungeon! These normal play activities will give you points you can invest in growing your clan.

Clan quest rewards have been increased by 20x as a permanent change to get things started.

Please check out the changes to the Clan system/skills here:

In addition to the revamp of the Clan system, a lot of class skills are being adjusted to make combat more interesting and fun! 24 hour skill and stat resets will be activated so you can try out different builds with the new changes.

Due to the downtime last week we have compensation for all players who logged in between May 6th-May 13. If you logged in during that time you will be receiving 5 days of Premium. If you already had Premium during that time you will receive an additional 5 days.

We have a double EXP and Clan Point rate event going on as well so it's a great time to get logged in and explore ROSE!
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