Plague Inc: Evolved

Early Access Evolution 4 released - The Necroa Virus

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Pug Seal 24 май 2014 в 12:03 сутринта 
Really enjoying the necroa virus. Would like more detail with geography. Bahamas, Cuba, Virgin Islands, etc.
[DD] Sander 22 май 2014 в 12:59 следобед 
If you buy Plague Inc you get the Necroa virus as well ?
TONY'S WARS 18 май 2014 в 6:58 сутринта 
please add the werewolf virus
The Wargoat 20 април 2014 в 4:58 следобед 
Shia LaBeouf #TeamHoovy 19 април 2014 в 6:31 сутринта 
Plauge inc is epic i have on my tablet but this looks better
Ryuko Matoi 17 април 2014 в 4:36 следобед 
I have it on my tablet too. Amazing game. But this, this is really different. Its better than amazing!
Tomse 17 април 2014 в 12:58 сутринта 
@belial how about writing to them in their forum, link is in the lowest part of the article.
ЩĄ | 1001 Demopans 8 април 2014 в 11:38 сутринта 
I have the original Plague Inc on my tablet. It's really awesome. But, Plague Inc Evolved looks even better. I've seen YouTube videos on both editions of Plague Inc. Great job, Ndemic!
Barrett 7 април 2014 в 5:48 следобед 
It is an Awesome game, I even have it on my android phone as well.
smoovexeagle 7 април 2014 в 12:33 следобед 
Can anyone please gift this game to me?