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I am extremely excited to announce a major new special plague type for Plague Inc: Evolved in partnership with 20th Century Fox. Get ready to infect the world with the Simian Flu from the summer blockbuster movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes!

The Simian Flu is a genetically modified virus created in a Gen-Sys lab. It has been found to increase intelligence in apes, but mutates rapidly and is untested on humans...
  • Experience Planet of the Apes on a global scale - See how humanity responds as you infect the world with a lethal, artificial virus. Can they handle a global pandemic while dealing with a growing nation of genetically evolved, intelligent apes?
  • Control communities of intelligent apes – As well as infecting humans, evolve your disease in parallel to allow ape-to-ape transmission and improve their cognitive abilities. Ape colonies will generate DNA whilst helping apes avoid detection from humans.
  • For one species to rise, another must fall? – Master new gameplay mechanics and strategies to help apes become the dominant species on the planet. Decide when your apes should rampage against research labs, move apes to avoid detection from military drones and use ape migration to prevent scientists from conducting aggressive ape experiments.

We have created a brand new gameplay experience that builds on and supports the movie narrative to create a deep world for players to explore and infect! Players often ask me to add videos of the world into the game so they can see how humanity responds to their Plague on a street level. This time, the Simian Flu partnership lets players have an entire summer movie blockbuster to expand on the game’s narrative!

We also localised the game into Simplified and Traditional Chinese with help from our community translators!

Hope you like it, let me know what you think!


Major changes:
  • New plague type - the Simian Flu from the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie!
  • Added game trailer
  • Localised into simplified and traditional chinese
  • Minor fixes / tweaks
And lots more - full change log for Evolution 8 in our forum[]
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