Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

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JoeMen Jun 7 @ 1:27pm 
Belthorian Jun 4 @ 6:38pm 
How do you download user created courses?
Meester MagicMan Jun 2 @ 8:48am 
You my 'friend' are embarrasing yourself.no one ever tried to convince YOu to play a diffrent game,no one askef your opinion,no one asked you to reply.WE stated something .and you made it diffrent.exactly liky PG did when they never told theyre buyers that course will be pay to play.you my 'friend' completely lost the plot.Lets hope you stick to your comment and NOT reply again.
themagicofgolf May 31 @ 7:39pm 
And just to add something, because I am not replying to this thread further....

Brighthouse, if you are really looking forward to the grand scale of "a far better golf game"... why buy a JNPG course here? For that matter, why even buy more than 1 (your words) ?

Repeat buys are evidence of customer satisfaction.

I mean, I'm satisfied but I only bought 1 course, and only because I wanted to play the Memorial this weekend in an online tournament. I have 70 other realistic courses on my hard drive, all of them free and extremely high quality.

Haven't even played them all, and yet more is coming -- just waiting for licensing issues. ALL FREE. If some of them aren't, I'll check if they're worth buying. If not, its all good.
themagicofgolf May 31 @ 7:22pm 
What are you both complaining about? You said you prefer another game.... then play it. Nobody is asking you to play JNPG, much less buy anything if you don't want to.

What I am saying -- and you are missing it entirely -- is that if you are playing another game already and happy with it.... why are you complaining about this one? Why do you even care if it will go by the wayside? Don't you have other things to do?

The people who should complain about this are the people who play it. Not you.

Unless, of course, you are just out to malign this one.

Nothing you say about that game will make me play it, even if there's a million courses free. Tried it, didn't like it, so not playing it and not complaining about it over there. Isn't that fair enough? I'd rather pay for 10 good replicas of famous courses than play 200 rought imitations for free.

And for you to question a company that wants to sell stuff it makes? Since when is that a crime?
Meester MagicMan May 31 @ 5:36pm 
brighthouse is intellegent enough to understand, themagicofgolf is just looking for a stupid argument
brighthouse98 May 31 @ 11:01am 
I am a little beweldered about having to pay for courses now? The golf club 2 is coming out june 27th with 150 thousand free course one can get? And when it does come out this game will go by the way side. I have to say with all the problems this game has had in the past,I do not understand why the company would not wish to make course free? I have bought a few,I know it is not that big of a deal at 5.95!! I just do not understand at this point with a far better golf game coming out why the company wants us to pay more for something when that same couse is arriving on a much grander scale. lol
themagicofgolf May 31 @ 8:14am 
Then you should be happy that you also bought TGC and are now enjoying it.

I'm not assuming anything... shows the level of vehemence you have towards something that costs as little as $5.95 that everybody has the option NOT to buy shows what kind of entitlement you think you have just because you spent $40 years ago. This is an assessment based on YOUR words, and YOUR hostility.

"another course we need to pay for without any real tournaments going on".... in this day and age where information is at the fingertips of everyone, you KNOW that people who bother checking will find out that this statement is simply not true. So why say this if there is no malice on your part intended?

Again, nobody has to buy these courses if they don't want to, as there are plenty of free courses to choose from to play in online tournaments in JNPG. Even the ones PP is selling have free counterparts in the course library.

Come on man, $5.95. Why get so worked up over that?
Meester MagicMan May 30 @ 10:20pm 
i dont expect anything for free.i bought the game.i expected to not have to pay further.due to never being told that it will be a pay to play game for 40dollars.its ridiculous.tgc is ofcourse easy if you play with no wind.and slow greens.hit low 60's on a good course with atleast average wind and il say well done.dont assume shit just by reading my comment when it comes to what i expect.and for quality.this exact game was out in 2003.there is almost no improvement.i expected more for what i paid.and i expected to have known all the ins and outs before i purchased.this was one of my worst buys ever when it comes to hidden costing in gaming
themagicofgolf May 30 @ 10:00pm 
Tried TGC, and it is simply too easy to get scores in the low 60's and high 50's. The courses are (at best) rough approximations of the real ones, so no thank you.

There are certain trade-offs for the realistic play of PG, and if paying for these trade-offs is what it takes, I don't mind. But that's just probably me and few others who don't really EXPECT to get things for free.

That said, I've only had to buy 1 course in PG so far -- Muirfield Village. Haven't needed to buy more in 9 months of playing the game because there are a lot of free courses over at OnlineGolfTour.net (which also features online tours using these free courses) -- just go there and download.

If you look closely and google some of the course designer's names, you'll find that many were made by the same people who did the courses for links 386 and links 2003. That should give you an idea of the level of quality you can expect in Perfect Golf.