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Overgrowth takes place in the savage world of Lugaru where rabbits, wolves and other animals are forced to use paws, claws and medieval weaponry to engage each other in battle. Combining 3rd person adventure platforming with intricate melee combat, Overgrowth is a truly unique experience. Overgrowth also benefits from Wolfire's brand new Phoenix Engine which has been built from the ground up to allow the use of cutting edge graphics, animation, and physics. Add to these exciting features Overgrowth’s realistic artificial intelligence and streamlined control system and the result is an astoundingly immersive experience.

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Check out the details here:
Blog post available here:
Full change log is available here:

Abridged Changelog:

- Added game difficulty presets to Top Bar -> Settings -> Game (Casual, Hardcore, Expert)
- Added the new Overgrowth story to the mods menu, for people who want to play it before it is complete
- Made dogs throw weapons again, but now only within a certain range to prevent player fleeing
- Several small enhancements to make stealth more interesting (harder, but a bit more effective)
- Made it easier again to fight wolves with weapons
- Added death hint support, with the particular hint chosen based on how the player died
- Added ? or ! symbol over characters that you can talk to (configurable per level/character)

- Added player invincibility setting to Top Bar -> Settings -> Debug
- Added setting in Graphics -> Debug to disable fog, so you can more easily edit levels without messing up the fog setting
- Added "ragdoll" collision painting option, which automatically ragdolls characters that touch the painted surface
- Added per-level settings for color saturation, under Scenegraph -> Level -> Script params
- Added "Stick To Nav Mesh" option to characters, to keep enemies from running off lethal cliffs
- Added support for loading text and background images to be displayed while a level is loading
- Kill hotspots can now be set to only kill NPCs, only players, or both
- Added several new idle animations

- Many more assets are now pre-loaded to reduce hitching from asset loads during gameplay
- Added checkboxes to disable level shaders and GPU particle fields
- Added "simple water" option to Top Bar → Settings → Debug → Graphics, it disables screen space reflections for water

- Improved dialogue graphics, and support for custom color/sound for each character
- Added victory/death music stings in new campaign
- Added camera Depth of Field effects to dialogues and when you take damage
- Improved choke-out, sword, and knife animations
- Added screen space refractions to raindrops, and added time-based squash and stretch

- Fixed Versus camera flipping. It may look straight down at combattants, but should no longer flip upside down
- Fixed menu UI resizing when resolution is set through settings menu
- Fixed render problems for lighting/shadow of plant detail objects

New Overgrowth story
- Most levels: Added new loading screen text and loading screen images
- Most levels: Final draft of story - updated character dialogues
- Most levels: New music tracks
- Arena levels: Added crowd cheering, with cheering level based on your performance in the arena
- Most levels: Tweaked shaders, improved environment art and lighting, customized NPCs/enemies more, made gameplay tweaks

If you find any bugs, please email a full description along with your system specs to
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