Overgrowth Alpha 207 is live!

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Yeah, where's low light combat?!
{MgoCG}PandaFunkey809 Aug 27 @ 11:36pm 
whales make no sense.
Mr.Inferno@Infernoworks Aug 27 @ 6:07pm 
Four words: Playable. Whale. Race. Please.
Cray Z. Aug 27 @ 3:09pm 
This may not be read, but as some suggestions for character variations, The wolf could be slower, the cat be more agile (faster and jump a little worse than rabbits), the rat could take more time to be noticed by AI, and the dog could be slightly weaker but slightly faster than the wolf.
{MgoCG}PandaFunkey809 Aug 23 @ 9:05pm 
I know you probably don't or won't take requests, but I'd like it if alpha 208 209 or 210 made it so that the rats throw knives with much more accuracy/throw them so that the blade lands in the enemy as opposed to having the handle smack it in the eye like it would for a rabbit, a dog, or (god-forbid) a wolf. Also, when are you going to release the rat weapons?
{MgoCG}PandaFunkey809 Aug 23 @ 9:04pm 
I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE! I can hardly wait for the patch to come so i can fully re-enjoy it! I love how I can now keep attacking the bodies of my fallen enemies even though they are dead! I love it! Now I don't need to spawn 15-30 new enemy npcs to make my weaponry absolutely covered in the blood of my foes! I'm also pretty happy AI is now slower to react to my presence cuz now I can actually sneak up behind them and strangle them or slit their throats or stomachs. and the auto-swap weapons to dominant hand is also quite excellent for throwing knives if you like to carry around 4 of them for throat slitting, eye poking, and the frequent failure to throw the knife so it lands blade in to the target (handle smacks em in the face most often) but enough of my fan splooging about the game.
ShadowMaster64 Aug 18 @ 8:37pm 
Has anyone had problems with this update? I've had tons
Sam Za Nemesis Aug 16 @ 2:41pm 
Seems like all cubemaps were shun in this release
shadow Aug 15 @ 7:19am 
sorry, its low light combat
shadow Aug 15 @ 7:15am 
finally, an update, but in the video he said we get reciever and something else, wheres the something else?