Overgrowth Alpha 206 is live!

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Michael007800 Aug 6 @ 5:29am 
What?!?! I thought that this game was given up with about half a year of nothing!!!!! Well, It's good to see that there is an update every once and a while.
Otaku Legend Jul 16 @ 9:46pm 
can the wolfire staff please fix the stealth, its so irritating and it doesnt work. say u climb up a little onto a roof, and the guard 6-9 feet infront of you turns around... then u finish him off in combat cvause he apparently noticed you. then theres another guard 6-9 feet infront of you; so you jump in the air and try to eagle kick that bitch and uh oh... he noticed you... can you guys like add ninja rabbits or any animal thats like compleately quite so then u can just run around and sluaghter guards without knowing shit about your pressence even though your running around parkouring (LIKE.A.BAWS)! so please add like a quite meter in the menu that pops up when u press ctrl+shift+U... that would be completely awesome. I COULD BE A TRUE SHINOBI!!!!!
Thri11Ki11 Jul 15 @ 8:35pm 
Keep up the great work.
Your Game Developers speech on animation lessens from an indie dev are very helpful.
Thanks for supporting Mac and Linux too
{MgoCG}PandaFunkey809 Jun 22 @ 6:26pm 
Delta_Swiftt Jun 21 @ 3:51pm 
If you do get bored then you can create your own levels with a costom story, and yes its worth buying.
XtremeHawkz Jun 18 @ 7:42pm 
Is the Game worth buying? I mean would I have much to do or atleast look forward to in the future?
Frustrated skeleton man Jun 18 @ 7:04am 
So little updates lately.
CRAZYMAN Jun 10 @ 7:00pm 
nicegood i cant wait for it to come out
CRAZYMAN Jun 10 @ 6:59pm 
✘Seraph-chanღ Jun 9 @ 2:35pm 
@El Guapo Numero, I think its because he was at GDC he couldnt put much time into it... I think its worth the 30 bucks update or no updates. Its fun to play, like a game should be.