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We’re thankful to announce that Nuclear Throne broke through a total Steam revenue of over 1 million dollars just a few moments ago. That’s kind of ridiculous and amazing, and we owe all of you that bought the game once or many times for the fact that we reached that number.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the two of us now just have a million dollars sitting in our bank account. A good part of that number goes to our amazing crew – Paul, Jukio, Joonas and Justin – and making sure that they can work on the game comfortably too. Quite a bunch of it has already been spent on travel and conferences and meeting and events, so that we can meet you and negotiate over future platforms for the game to release on. Part of it has been spent on developing the game further and extending our development process beyond the original six months that we had planned.

For that entire period of time, we’ve tried to keep you up to date of progress by doing two livestreams a week and updating the game weekly. We’ve not discounted the game even when we’ve had offers to be in huge Steam sales or bundles, because we feel discounting a work-in-progress is disingenuous. We’re always scouring the internet, following your forum discussions, finding new and amazing fan content every day, laughing about your Twitch banter, and watching your Let’s Plays and Y.V. videos.

It’s easy to forget that when we originally started on Nuclear Throne, we set out to finish a quick jam prototype we made in half a year. Instead, we launched Weekly Update 70 just earlier today, indicating that we’ve been working on the game for almost two years. Over the past two years, all of us have gained an idea of where the game needs to end up, and we can finally say that we’re slowly getting close to a final game. We just wanted to let you know once more that this project would not be possible without your support, not just in very concrete ways like helping us pay our rent, but also in terms of spreading the word and giving us feedback.

As always, thank you for being a wonderful, understanding and encouraging community while we somehow try to kick together a video game.
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