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This week we bring you all kinds of things! A lot of significant bug fixes, giant craters and tiny flames from explosions, the powerful Heavy Slugger, and even 5 new Ultra Mutations! No need for more text, dig in!

  • Craters & tiny flames from explosions. Will still get some work in the future!
  • New Ultra Mutations for Horror, Steroids, Chicken, Rebel and Rogue.
  • Heavy Slugger.

  • Higher rate of fire for Ultra and Heavy Revolvers.
  • More radiation gained from the Crown of Hatred.
  • Eagle Eyes no longer makes you see further. Didn't do too much and just made things more complicated than they should be.

  • Big Bandit spawns should be a lot more solid, and can no longer be used for radiation farming. Cool shortcut however.
  • Recoded the way radiation decides what to move towards.
  • Recoded Portal invincibility, now making you completely invulnerable to any damage. Might cause some problems with pickups that should be fixed soon.
  • Ultra Mutations can now be picked with the gamepad.
  • Windowed mode should have a border again.
  • Fixed a crash caused by boss spawns when playing with gamepad.

  • Golden Hammer is now the Golden Wrench.
  • Cars no longer die into tiny scorchmarks.
  • Lab now has tiny floor details.

Have fun! Let us know what you think about the new Ultra Mutations.
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