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Oh yeah, another huge exciting update. After last week's implementation of an ending, and the resulting outcry and problems, we've decided there was only one way to go: add even more endings! You can now stop your game at two points, sit down, and reflect on your achievements. For that, we've implemented the first rough version of our credits scene, with a (we think) amazing song by Jukio that'll hit you right in the feels.

Either way, don't worry: we spent a lot of time fixing bugs and tweaking the generators we added last week. In general a more smooth experience should be in front of you when you start playing. Other than all that, we've continued the art and sound overhauling of the game, spicing it up and generally continuing our race towards a finished game!

Ah, one more thing. All the B-skins are now in the game. And they have unlock conditions. Good luck.

  • Another ending, and credits sequence!
  • The IDPD Captain now has sound effects, as do various props, Lil Hunter's weaponry and other details!
  • New B-skins, and big character art for all the B-skins and some special states! B-skins are now unlocks.
  • Cool art updates, mainly to Desert and Palace!

  • Y.V. can no longer pop melee weapons.
  • Super Crossbow spawns one area later.
  • Big Rats now deal (1) contact damage.
  • Scorpions have a tiny bit more range.
  • Generators have been moved down and given less HP, and no longer explode at the end of the fight.
  • The Nuclear Throne is a bit less likely to waltz over you.

  • Fixed the Crown of Luck crash.
  • Bolt damage should be back to normal.
  • Back Muscle no longer carries over.
  • Captain no longer drops rads.
  • Fixed a Generator crash.
  • Throne beam sound now stops when it is destroyed.
  • Allies now keep Throne Butt after your death.
  • When having no weapon equipped, you no longer drop an invisible weapon at death in co-op.
  • Fixed a lot of weird behavior Crowns where showing, carrying over between runs etc.
  • Steroids' active no longer triggers their swap animation.
  • When killed by a boss exploding, it should now show the proper image on the game over screen.
  • Statues now don't spawn Guardians after that fight is over.
  • You can no longer spawn inside cars that explode and end your run.
  • You can no longer get stuck during the final cutscene.
  • Crown of Haste idle animation has been fixed.Crown of Haste now also animates faster than other crowns.

  • Level unlock requirements now show x-? instead of ???.
  • Blowing up walls should now cause less slowdown.
  • Technomancer revive now has an animation.
  • Generators now have an idle animation.
  • Moved around the loadout layout a bit.
  • Icon in your HUD when playing the daily.
  • Tweaked the big TV graphics a bit.
  • New screen when beating the game. Still work in progress!
  • Vans can now be hijacked again from the HQ, taking you back to where you were before. Cars in $$$ now also continue your run.
  • Song for CLASSIFIED.
  • Tiny sewer art fixes.

Note: we're going to be at Fantastic Arcade this week, so there won't be an 'full' update coming weekend, if any update. We will be reading the forums and paying attention to what you're all saying. Since we've been reading along, we do want to emphasize: Nuclear Throne is winding down as a project. A game is never 'finished' in that it could always be better, but we're closing in on the point where we're extremely proud of the game and ready to sign off on it. There are some structural problems left to tackle, and some balancing, but we are getting really close.

Either way, have fun playing #92, and let us know what you think of the improvements!
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