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We took a week off for a medical emergency, but now we're back. For this week. But it's a Significant Update, so prepare yourselves!

For those of you who follow the games industry closely, next week is when pretty much anyone that has the ability to do so goes to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. That means our update schedule for the rest of February and start of March is going to be slowed down or non-existent.

To make sure there's plenty of interesting new things to play for y'all in that period, we've decided to implement a very significant thing to the game. As we slowly march towards 'feature-complete', the unlock systems are slowly starting to fall into place. That also means the loadout systems need to start existing, and a first version of that is what this week brings.

You can now start the game with any crown. We've built a terrible placeholder interface for this (we're actually planning a major interface overhaul after GDC), and made everything available to you from the start. In the final version of the game, you'll have to beat the game with a Crown in order to be able to start with that Crown.

This has more consequences than just "running with a crown". There'll be Crown Guardians and a Protochest in 3-2, there'll be Cursed Chests right from the start (they actually carry better weapons than normal Chests), and of course, there's a complimentary IDPD spawn in 1-1. Anyway, tons of interesting runs will come from that!

Other than some fixes (no more freezing), polish, and balancing, we've also implemented an option to swap weapons with Q again! This is a temporary solution until we implement properly customizable controls. One more thing: there's a new mutation, Open Mind. It gives you an extra Chest or Rad Canister on every level!

Have fun messing with those Crowns, and please let us know how broken things can get!

  • Loadout screen! Pick a Crown from the start by clicking the ugly icon on the right of the character select.
  • Q Swap option.
  • New mutation: Open Mind. We've renamed Racing Mind to Trigger Fingers, and Shotgun Fingers to Shotgun Shoulders.

  • Pop Rifle spawns sooner.
  • Weapons using tiny grenades spawn sooner.
  • Jock Missiles now explode a bit differently.

  • Fixed the freezes caused by IDPD spawns.
  • You can no longer get a HP Chest and Rad Canister on the same level.

  • New silhouettes for locked characters.
  • Updated Crown Vault tiles.
  • Rain now looks cool in Slow Motion.
  • Updated the trail for Plasma weapons.
  • Nukes now have a cool booster flame.
  • Renamed one of the Horror Ultras.
  • You now drag some flames behind you when Boiling Veins is triggered.
  • Steroids now also spawns curse particles when holding the cursed weapon in his secondary hand.

Finally, we've started with a final pass on the game branding. You'll notice new key art on the store and elsewhere. As we rev up towards completing, all of our marketing materials and key art will get a final pass, including the logo itself. We're super excited to be headed towards something we can see in the distance with you all. Keep sending us that feedback!

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