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Whoa, an update with update art by Jan Willem Nijman? Our promo artist Justin Chan this week didn't have time to make update art, so we went and asked the most obvious secondary source for super quickly made promo art: professional placeholder artist J.W.

He got so excited at the opportunity to draw for you all, that this week you're all graced with not one, not two, but four pieces of promo art in the style of the placeholder art you've all come to love.

Anyway, if you scroll down you'll notice that this is an update without any main features. We felt that was rather innovative too! This week, we've got almost a million (count and see!) little bits of balancing, fixing, and polishing going on! Next week we'll hopefully have more interface progress again.

  • Seekers weapons deal a bit less damage and have a lower rate of fire, their seeking has also been modified slightly.
  • Horror now doesn't attract rads for a bit after using the beam.
  • Plutonium Hunger adds less range to rad attraction.
  • Gatling Slugger and Laser Minigun spawns a bit later.
  • Total Recall now gives you an extra mutation, is still broken though.
  • Assassins need to get closer before they attack.
  • Sledgehammer deals a bit more damage.
  • Ultra Shovel and Ultra Revolver both use one more rad.
  • Higher rate of fire for the Wave Gun.
  • Super Plasma Cannon spawns later and uses more ammo.
  • Energy Sword deals a bit less damage and spawns slightly later.
  • Made Big Bandit more fun on loop.

  • No more Loop Boss clusters. We're sad about that, too.
  • Crown of Choice is selectable form the menu again.
  • Should be less bandits spawning inside walls now.
  • Improvements to bolt collision.
  • Gamma Guts glow is no longer drawn when you're in the portal.

  • Art for the Seeker weapons!
  • Character select icons now animate in.
  • IDPD, Flak, Super Flak, and Ultra Bullets now have hit effects.
  • Picking up radiation now spawns a little effect, larger with plutonium hunger.
  • Changed the sprite origina for the Ultra and Heavy Revolver.
  • Debris and Shells no longer blink before disappearing.
  • Bullet shells are now darker.
  • Some new tips.
  • A controversial change in the team: level names are now displayed as X-X instead of X_X.

Have fun!
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