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This is probably one of the biggest updates we've ever done! Shit.

First of all, we've done a massive amount of interface and menu work. This includes a brand new mutation and pause screen, and a lot of tiny tweaks helping make things flow a bit more. We've added convenient alt+F4 rage-quitting, and you no longer need to look at the beautiful Vlambeer logo every time you go back to the menu (we know, we'll miss that too). We've ironed out a ton of bugs in the process, so hopefully things should be a bit more smooth now!

We're re-introducing something the game used to have in some of the earliest versions this week as well. Justin sketched new Boss Intros that Paul then painstakingly pixeled. The two of them worked extraordinarily hard to get this thing in, and we're convinced it's some of the coolest art we have in the game.

Now, for actual gameplay things: For starters there's a fun late-game shell weapon now that allows you to do some fun long-range bouncing tricks. It should be pretty viable in the late game, especially with Trigger Fingers.

That's not all, there is really a ton more exciting stuff in this one! Please continue reading, play the game, and let us know what your thoughts are!

We're aware that a lot of things are still in a kind of rough unpolished state, but we are getting very close to having most of the features we want for Nuclear Throne in place. This means that we can move on to actual hardcore polishing soon, which is super exciting to us!

Oh, and, for all the nice things we added this week, do you like the IDPD? There are Elite versions of them now. They're basically Throne Butt versions of the mutants they're similar to. You can figure out for yourself what that means for the Shielders.

  • Boss intros.
  • Brand new mutation screen.
  • Brand new pause screen with futuristic functionality, like access to the settings.
  • Elite IDPD. There'd be a joke here if it wasn't so serious. Hope you enjoy getting trashed on loops.
  • New late-game shell weapon: Hyper Slugger.
  • New sound effects for the Jungle Assassins, Jungle Flies, Turtles, Turrets, Exploding Guardians, Dog Guardians, Crystal Spiders, Mimics and the Golden Scorpion! Whew!

  • Tweaks to the Frozen City algorithm.
  • Snowtanks are more agressive.
  • Scrapyard difficulty curve has been tweaked a bit, slightly fewer Ravens.
  • Plutonium Hunger attract range for ammo and HP has been slightly decreased.
  • Small enemies can't deal melee damage when on their hurt animation now.
  • Gamma Guts burst size has been increased again.
  • More IDPD Grunts the further you loop.
  • Flames from Flame Traps and Salamander no longer linger around when hitting a wall.
  • IDPD Inspectors have a lower Telekinesis range now.
  • Long Arms no longer has a gap!
  • Looping now clears cursed weapons.

  • Fixed the "drifting enemy" bug when multiple enemies spawn on top of eachother.
  • The Guardians in 7_3 can no longer spawn Portals.
  • Floors under the Proto Statue now have the proper material.
  • Hyper Crystal no longer takes damage from debris.
  • Fixed a bug related to restarting the game with Patience active.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that caused Splinter and Seeker weapons to float away when fired a lot.
  • Necromancer should no longer revive enemies inside walls.
  • Fixed the "back to main menu" glitch that made the game blurry.
  • Assassin sounds are now played at the proper moment.
  • Pressing WASD no longer crashes the title screen. Yeah.
  • Pausing now shows dark areas properly, and fog no longer scrolls when paused.
  • The widescreen effect no longer disappears when pausing during the Mutation screen.
  • Mutation Icons are now centered properly.
  • Fixed a bug related to the campfire scene.
  • Fixed lag caused by the Throne beam. We'll have to redo this entire thing eventually.

  • You can now pause the game during loading screens.
  • Added a "DELETE DATA" option.
  • Added an option to enable/disable Boss intros.
  • [R] is now a quick restart hotkey in the pause screen.
  • Mutation names stay on the screen for a bit after picking them.
  • Going back to the main menu from in-game now skips the intro.
  • Alt+F4 now insta-quits the game.
  • Throne statues are placed slightly higher now and have updated art.
  • Fancy menu buttons!
  • Assassins now have a new notice effect!
  • The loadout splat has been updated.
  • IDPD Shielder shield sprite has been updated.
  • Crystal's shield shakes again when almost out of time. Fixed some depth things with it as well.
  • New art for the Bouncer projectiles.
  • Started work on the stats screen. More of a drawing test than anything else so far.
  • Character select now properly supports keyboard and gamepad as well.
  • Chicken now plays a sound when trying to throw a cursed weapon.
  • B tracks now only play under more specific conditions.
  • Minor changes to the second Ultra of all mostly triangular characters.

  • Coop mode has been broken by the UI overhaul. We're afraid that fixing this will take a few weeks at the least, so if you enjoy co-op, we recommend switching to another branch in Steam. The 'smite' branch would be our recommendation.

That's all folks! Go play the game and get blown up by some Elite Grunt missiles.
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