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Whoa, it seems like we only yesterday added those daily runs! We'll release public leaderboards soon, but for now: an average of 1,500 entries per day, a top score of 10,500 kills (loop 8!) and ster only won one of the dailies thus far. We've been enjoying the results, and we're happy you all seem to be liking the dailies.

This week's update focusses on some of the more pressing bugs we've been facing for the while, has some of the usual tinkering, and manages to squeeze in two cool bits of end-game content as well! First of all, there's now an Ultra Crossbow! This thing has a high rate of fire, great piercing, high damage, and shoots through walls! Well, 3 of em per shot. Those poor bandits won't know what hit 'm. Secondly, there's now a third Ultra Mutation for Horror, allowing it to basically become any build you've ever dreamt of!

Anyway, enjoy this smooth, new, closer-to-bugless Nuclear Throne, and keep telling us what you think! We'll soon be looking at some of the longer-standing issues such as Fish's Throne Butt and, ahem, Lil Hunter...

P.S. something huge for the community is happening soon, and you probably won't be able to guess what. :-)

  • Ultra Crossbow
  • Horror's third Ultra Mutation. Let's see how this works out! Basically we want to get all the Ultra's in before we start fixing and redesigning the ones that don't work as well!

  • Hostile Horror now gives you 15 more rads on death!
  • More Big Bandit spawn tweaking!
  • Snowbot hitbox has been made sliiightly larger.
  • Changed Hyper Crystal wall destruction and movement code a bit. This one still needs a ton of work though!

  • Portal on 3_3 won't spawn anymore when Big Dog's still sleeping.
  • Portals now appear again when killing the Crown Guardians on loop.
  • Daily Runs now always give you that character's default starting weapon. This will mess up your golden weapons for now, but we're changing the way those are handled soonish.
  • Hopefully fixed the bug where Labs could have a portal open from the start.
  • Fixed the Ultra Shovel icon.
  • Airhorn should no longer cause crashes.
  • Fixed Daily Run data being updated by normal runs.

  • Airhorn volume has been increased again, sorry for this one.
  • IDPD should no longer spawn in Crown Vaults, 7_3 and 0_1.
  • Crabs no longer destroy props.
  • You can now find streams and report bugs through

Good luck y'all! Stay tuned for some nice news later this week, and don't forget to tune in to the livestreams on Tuesday and Thursday!
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