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This weeks update art by Joonas Turner

Something is waiting in the dark, far, far away... You can now challenge a new Loop Boss! If you manage to reach the labs, you'll fight a new highly unfinished enemy, but you'll get the idea. To stay with the Labs theme, we've also reworked Necromancers! They'll no longer instagib you, but instead respawn Freaks in a small area after a short delay. Either way, more challenge, and more fun. We've also done some general balancing to be a bit more generous with drops, and have various other cool things in the works! Tune in next week for more Nuclear Throne.

  • Work in progress Labs loop boss.
  • Reworked necromancers.

  • Less HP for Loop Bosses until we get around to giving these a proper treatment.
  • Necromancers now activate faster, but also drop more.
  • Exploding Guardians drop weapons slightly more often.
  • Normal Guardians drop a bit more ammo.
  • Lightning Cannon now uses 1 more Energy.
  • Super Plasma Cannon deals more damage, Plasma Cannon deals less damage.
  • A corpse getting revived now counts as -1 kills for your score, so no Necromancer farming for the daily!
  • Gamma Guts has a bigger blast radius.

  • Fixed a crash related to rockets.

  • No crown is shown when none are equipped.
  • Steroids now shows an extra revolver in the menu.
  • A new tip for Rogue.

Have fun!
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