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This must've been the weirdest update we've ever done, as it's tiny, and both boring and super exciting at the same time!

We've started on our big interface overhaul, which is a ton of extremely detailed work intending to lift the overall game to a next level of polish. This is a lot of very detailed work, requiring us to rework and clean up a lot of the existing code while meticulously designing how and where every pixel has to move. In the long run, the new menu will allow us consistent behaviour across keyboard, mouse and controller. After that, a lot of other screens in the game are going to get the same treatment.

Basically, the update we've just thrown live contains a super-unfinished, half-broken start of where we're heading with the character select screen. It might not look like the most exciting thing, but it sure is a huge step towards getting the game ready for release. There's some (great) placeholder art by Paul and tons of tiny animations, and it sure is no indication of the final product!

This is one of these things you'd normally never even think about showing when working on a game, and it's almost so rough that we wanted to keep it behind the scenes. But, promise is promise, and we said we'd show you the ins and outs of game development. So for the sake of science, we present to you: the broken, half-finished new menu update! We'll hopefully be a lot further along next week, allowing us to get back to fixes, balancing and content, but we thought it'd be fun to give am extreme peek behind the scenes for now instead of an updateless week!

Be sure to jump into our streams next tuesday and thursday to get more insights in where all of this is heading!

  • A brand new, very broken, work in progress character select screen! Sorry if it breaks things.

  • Spiderwebs in [CLASSIFIED] now actually work!

Hopefully we'll have a slightly more complete interface for you next week, and a bit more actual substance!
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