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For the last 88 (!!!) updates our double digit updates have been huge, but you can tell we're moving towards completing this game - there's mostly little things left, and we can't do 'big things' without getting all of those 'little things' our of the way. In other words, it was fixing, tweaking, balancing, and the introduction of a new elite enemy. Enjoy!

  • New elite enemy in the sewers.

  • Slightly more bullet ammo per drop.
  • Alligators now wait for a bit before firing.
  • Less HP drops and less rads in Hard mode.
  • Splinters are now more effective with Bolt Marrow.
  • Ultra crossbow now has a higher rate of fire.
  • Less "last enemy is a turret somewhere far away" situations.

  • The unlock screen now works with gamepad too.
  • Stopped some things from spawning very close to the player. Few more tweaks to these things.
  • Removed bandits from a certain area.
  • Removed IDPD from a certain area.
  • Loop portal is now green again.
  • Fixed a tutorial crash.
  • Some changes to the Chicken Sword.
  • You can no longer take crowns to the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug caused by pressing arrow keys in the stat/character select screen.
  • Fixed a bug related to toxic gas.
  • You should be able to swap your loadout weapons again.
  • Fixed a boss intro crash.

  • Unlock screen now has a darker background.
  • Removed the random crown option for now.
  • Toxic Gas now glows properly.
  • Updated the Crown Vault art.

PAX is going exceptionally well, and we're amazed at how many of you have dropped by the booth to tell of your favorite Nuclear Throne deaths, kills and stories. Also thanks to those of you who brought fan-art, drawings, friends, or Coca Cola for Rami and thanks to those cosplaying our characters at PAX! One more day!
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