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After a few weeks of huge in-your-face changes, we've decided to try and do a subtle update. So we focused on loads of things that were really needed for a long time! After that, we couldn't help ourselves and got a few massive things in as well.

For example, there's now a very, very rough daily scoreboard in-game, allowing you to see your global rank, the top 10, and even compare your scores to your friends! There's a new Boss Intro for the first loop boss, new Big Dog music, we completely redid the total Hyper Crystal fight, and made some small but significant changes to Big Dog and Lil' Hunter on loops. For the Stress and Y.V. lovers among us, you can now have a rate of fire higher than the speed of light 1 shot per frame!

We've also done a ton of weapon and enemy balancing, nerfed Plant's Snare a tiny bit (big enemies are now less affected by it), and we even made some changes to Last Wish!

That covers a small portion of everything we've done. Next week part of the team will be out for GDC Europe and Gamescom, which means that there's a fair chance we won't be able to push an update that week. Everyone's been working exceptionally hard on the last 8 updates or so, so a bit of a breather to clear our minds and get some fresh perspective doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Enjoy this one, and as always, please let us know your thoughts/findings and keep being awesome. We'll check back throughout the week.

  • Very rough daily scoreboards in-game.
  • Friends leaderboard.
  • Reworked Hyper Crystal, now also scales with loops. Good luck!
  • Boss Intro for the first loop boss!
  • Rate of fire can be higher than 1 shot per frame now!

  • Lil' Hunter now doesn't start increasing the amount of IDPD right on the first loop. First only all normal types are spawned, then elites as well, then the number increases.
  • Big Dog now scales the bullet hell with loops, and can have random holes in his bullet patterns for fun dodging!
  • Horror's C Ultra has been changed to MELTDOWN, which doubles your total rad capacity.
  • Plant's Snare is now less effective on bigger enemies.
  • Visiting Jungle now gives you a free mutation in exchange for Last Wish.
  • Wolves now stop rolling after firing. Much better.
  • Changed the way Turrets spawn a bit.
  • Laser Crystals now have a chance to drop ammo.
  • Sword damage for Elite Inspectors has been increased.
  • Elite IDPD now all have a bit more HP.
  • Elite Shielders and Grunts are now slightly more agressive.
  • Inspectors now fire faster slugs.
  • Blood Cannon now deals 2 damage when fired without ammo.
  • Blood Cannon now spawns less explosions, deals slightly less damage, but has a higher rate of fire.
  • Plasma Cannon and Super Plasma Cannon damage has been decreased. Plasma Cannon now costs less ammo to fire.
  • Flame Cannon damage has been decreased.
  • Lightning and Flame Cannon now have slightly less AOE range when flying.
  • Seeker Shotgun damage has been decreased slightly while rate of fire has been increased.
  • Nuke Launcher contact damage has been increased.
  • Ultra Shovel now uses more rads.
  • Bouncer weapons spawn earlier.
  • Gamma Guts now deals AOE damage whenever triggered, not only when firing.

  • Gamma Guts bug has been fixed. Will probably get more work in the future so that you don't take damage from enemies that are killed by it instantly.
  • Mutations should now be properly centered.
  • Pausing/unpausing at the 0-1 fight no longer keeps the letterbox effect on screen.
  • Fixed a boss intro bug related to dead players.
  • Fixed the Wrench icon hopefully.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch where portals glitched around when going to the character select. Also brings it back to 0-1.
  • Big Rats now only break walls when actually charging.
  • Fixed Steroid's Throne Butt text for now, also changed his ultra from saying "weps" to "weapons".
  • Every boss only shows their intro once per run now.
  • Steroids now has reload sounds for Plasma/Lightning weapons fired in their second hand.

  • Updated Big Dog music!
  • Escape now continues the game when paused.
  • Daily game over screen no longer has a retry button.
  • You should be able to use the digits to select mutations again.
  • Buttons and nice splat graphics on the Game Over screen!
  • Removed Daily and Options button from the Character Select.
  • Big Rad Canisters now have their own hurt sprite.
  • Changed the way B tracks are loaded.
  • Changed the "sizes" of enemies and bosses, this is basically used to check how much they are moved around when touching other enemies and affects Plant's Snare now.
  • Some new tips.
  • The Pause, Load and Game Over screen now tell you when you're on your daily.
  • Big Bandit charge sprite has been updated.
  • Art for the Hyper Slugger.
  • The Back button on menus now has an outline.

That's it. Enjoy, and we're going to take some distance for a week, focus on the events we're attending, and we'll be back fresh in about two weeks.
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