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Update art by Jukio this week!

This is a really exciting update to us! We've made quite some more progress with the interface overhaul, and we're really starting to get somewhere. While there's still a long way to go, we've finished our rough version of the Loadout screen and have started work on the Game Over screen.

This also means you no longer lose golden weapons after dying without them, and we've enabled B skins for a bit, until the unlocks for them are added in.

Other than that there's various bits of polish and balancing. We're very excited to make such significant progress on the interface overhaul, as it is pretty much the biggest and hardest thing still left to do for Nuclear Throne. After that there's just a list of almost a thousand tiny things, secrets, polish, and any ideas that still pop up that need to be taken care of.

  • An early version of the screen you stare at most: the new Game Over screen is introduced, with a WIP map.
  • Big update to the Loadout screen, now with tiny animations, and allowing you to pick your starting weapon and B-skin!
  • Gold Weapons are no longer lost when dying without them.

  • More range for the Cluster Launcher, Grenade Rifle, and Grenade Shotgun.
  • Ravens now hang around a bit longer before activating.

  • The Character Select screen no longer starts with Random selected.
  • Technomancer HP now scales with loops, like all loop bosses do.

  • Icons for all gold weapons!
  • We redid the machinegun art, that thing always was ridiculously long.

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