Update #23 - Back to old-school action - Week of April 18th

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Mr. Vulcanator 2014년 4월 25일 오후 8시 04분 
When does online co-op come?
BULiK > ∑(MyPλrts) 2014년 4월 25일 오후 7시 20분 
Hey, if any of the devs read this (I'm not sure exactly the best way to contact for issues and whatnot, nor do I really have time to look around), Could you add support for having one player be mouse + keyboard and the co op partner be controlled via the gamepad? I can't seemt o get it so I can do that. I don't have two controllers, and it would be a great improvement if you could have different partners use seperate controls. And if there is already some way to do this, feel free to correct me and show me how. Thanks in advance.
Hrist Valkyrie 2014년 4월 25일 오후 1시 00분 
@Sam Then stop buying them?
SamTheScuttlefish 2014년 4월 23일 오전 7시 20분 
I'm getting pretty tired of buying unfinished games. However, Nuclear Throne does not feel unfinished. It feels like a majestic albatross whose glorious wingspan widens with every passing week.
☆Ninja☆ 2014년 4월 21일 오전 2시 10분 
One of the issues on mac is that pressing r on Mac crashes the game.... still. it'd be great if i didn't have to manually quit the game and steam then relaunch them everytime i press r in Nuclear throne. Thanks:)
Capitán Indie 2014년 4월 20일 오후 4시 20분 
I ujust reciebed a 0mb size upate, and now its says missing executable on Mac
Dertien 2014년 4월 20일 오전 6시 02분 
"Unable to find game!!" error too - I'm on OSX 10.9.2
(???)Anonymous 2014년 4월 20일 오전 3시 45분 
i have a bug report i immediately found: I set the ambience level to 0 and i crashed with an error code. i entered again and this time set it higher, then too 0 again, but no error or crash. i don't know what that was, possibly just my computer rendering the update incompletely for that one occasion or something
Ray Liotta's Psycho Face 2014년 4월 20일 오전 1시 41분 
I'm just really happy that the sound effects and music glitches have been fixed. I can finally enjoy this game without my ears bleeding lol.
Keep the updates comin' guys
Rami 2014년 4월 20일 오전 1시 11분 
We've confirmed the Mac error, although we're not quite sure why it happens - it runs on the build Mac perfectly, even though we've removed everything related to the build except for the .app itself. We're looking into things right now.