Update #17 - Vault Security - Week of February 21st

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jellyj0p 2月23日 12時13分 
Nearly pooped myself looking at stress for the first time :P
DNLK 2月22日 20時37分 
Is it supposed that now half of the Frozen City is killed by I.D.P.D instead of myself? I lose exp and drops, but it seems like very easy levels now.
SkullBL 2月22日 18時33分 
Ha! I love Fish's face for the Stress mutation, cracks me up.
Jesus Fetus 2月22日 16時46分 
This is all well and good, but does the screen shake when YV uses his air horn?
HippieGonePro 2月22日 16時41分 
Hey, what was up with the turtle place? Has anyone else gotten to it? I just teleported to it one time after the sewers... Maybe a game dev. could help me out as to what happened? Shoot me a message if anyone finds something.
tupelocase 2月22日 15時37分 
YV runs now officially the most ridiculous thing ever :3
Hammerfan 2月22日 15時35分 
I see a new track for a new area. Seeeeecretzzzz?
РоогНово 2月22日 15時31分 
Will there ever be 60+fps Nuclear Throne?