Update #20 - A New Direction - April 1st, 2014

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Mr. Stimpson Apr 12 @ 11:57am 
I almost flipped a table until I noticed the published on date. I need to go sit by a river for a little while.
Space Cadet Apr 6 @ 11:02am 
FoxWasp Apr 5 @ 8:31pm 
So are we getting a real update soon?
Seriously, it's been like a month.
A Very Kupo Guy Apr 3 @ 7:27pm 
Melee weapons need work (animations, or at least area of effect graphics), Chicken cannot move during Slo-mo, and nothing tells you what a weapon is, no matter how close you get, until you pick it up.
Adding a targeting reticule (you have one in vanilla, how did you fail to add one here?) or maybe a red dot for the crossbow would work well.
That is, if you plan to even look at this mode again (it would work well as an alternate/challenge game mode)
Akarin Apr 3 @ 6:24pm 
i thought they were serious, i was ready to throw my computer out the window...
AardvarkStamp Apr 2 @ 12:15pm 
One question, can they keep updating this while they update the real game?
Will this always be available?
BulletMusic Apr 2 @ 9:36am 
To everyone with the screen-spinning issue: It's most likely related to the way they go about locking the mouse. Pressing F4 to go into fullscreen solved it for me, and PROBABLY will for you, too.

TL;DR: Press F4 to solve the spinning issue.
57E Apr 2 @ 3:54am 
Damn it! This would have been nice to try out, but the camera keeps spining on place.
mrfacefur Apr 1 @ 4:56pm 
April fools joke wow nice one i totally fell for it