Update #14 - Mystery Arrives - Week of February 1st

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sorenbjerg 2014年2月8日上午3:14 
Looking forward to the Chicken teleportation glitch fix. Found myself teleporting randomly into packs of rats in the sewer several times today :o.
Aardvark #JWplsBuffYVsBUltra 2014年2月5日上午10:53 
Next character should be Cthulhu
versace 2014年2月4日上午7:41 
after this update,i ran into a bug i've never seen before: i was playing as chicken and using slow-mo (not sure if that's the cause though) right when big bandit showed up. my screen went black and i could still hear the game sounds, however they were kind of chopped up. after that, i got "nuclearthrone.exe doesn't respond". has this happened to anyone else?
fhdz 2014年2月3日下午6:47 
It takes me one playthrough to unlock them all again...I'm not sure there's even enough time to get depressed about that.
[HeofSh] TheBurgerKang 2014年2月3日下午6:24 
It depresses me that all the memory is wiped in each update, i hate having to unlock all of the characters gain and again and again... But this is still my favorite game right now!
versace 2014年2月3日上午11:40 
since you reworked how the game guides you around corners, i've had a lot more trouble than before actually. i'm getting stuck on them constantly, which causes me to die a lot.
also, i've only experienced the bug where chicken teleports AFTER update #14.
Sythor 2014年2月2日上午11:19 
Getting stuck on corners is probably the most anoying bug, got me killed a bunch of times, plz fix that
bitesh 2014年2月1日下午10:16 
Yeah, Chicken still teleports. And I also noticed that the sword icon at the top is a meter for when you can swing again, that's a nice touch.
Sapphique 2014年2月1日下午9:00 
Just saying - Chicken still teleports. Didn't know the cause of the bug at the time, but looking through the patch notes, I do believe I'm seeing that same bug that you guys had supposedly patched. And one more thing... Could you guys consider bringing back the explosion that used to spawn when Rebel was damaged? It was more useful than the Ally bullets that now spawn in a ring... it eliminated any other bullets within the explosion's radius, keeping you from being damaged multiple times. Just a request. Having fun with the game, keep it up! :)
HippieGonePro 2014年2月1日下午7:38 
Just saying; Next character should be Cthulhu!