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Another week, another update! This update might seem a bit modest, as we've been very busy working on things behind the screens. We're working on a total menu overhaul for the game (it's starting to look pretty good!) and are also busy getting a couple of fun surprises in soon.

You'll find the game now sorts mutation icons in the order you got them and has a brand new type of cannon that is still unfinished! We also hope we finally squashed the Sharp Teeth bug, and we've changed Rebel to use a way more basic upkeep system, encouraging both easier early Allies while making the cost for giant armies a bit more than what it was before.

Anyway, dig in, and get playing! Exciting huge things coming soon.

  • The work in progress Blood Cannon.
  • The HUD icons are now sorted in the order you got them.

  • Ammo, Health and Portal Strike pickups now fade faster on loops. This'll be interesting.
  • Rebel's first Ally now costs 1HP, any additional ones cost 2HP.
  • Snow Tanks now wait a bit before exploding.
  • The Throne beam now angles slightly towards you, something we wanted to give a quick try.
  • Big Dog missiles are meaner on loops.
  • Blood Hammer deals more damage.
  • More IDPD now chases Rogue when her portal opens.

  • Fixed the Sharp Teeth thing. We hope. Fingers crossed.
  • The Rad Canister in the HUD now has an outline when you get your Ultra Mutation and haven't picked it yet.
  • Open Mind chests now count towards big weapon chests, as do gold weapon chests.

  • Art for the Heavy Auto Crossbow and Heavy Assault Rifle!
  • Patience now becomes a clock under the mutation you pick with it, instead of taking a whole icon slot.
  • Hyper Rifle shakes the screen a bit less.

Good luck!
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