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ReLLiK_pt 12 avr 2012 à 9h22 
is the game going to be more like tf2? like trading weapons or armors ?
LORDDEREX (Beta) 12 avr 2012 à 8h00 
i just remeber one this that i find annoying is that when u get chat up, u cant close it quick by pressing ESC (sryi havent read all things in last patch so if its fixed, ignore this). When i press esc i get to the menu and not closeing the chat first.

I would be able to close chat with esc, and to get to the menu pressing esc twice (when chat is open).

-Awesome game.
Golden Dragon 12 avr 2012 à 6h59 
Sale? Really?
driveandkill 12 avr 2012 à 6h59 
oh nvm saw the reddit thing xD
driveandkill 12 avr 2012 à 6h59 
When are you going to add vehicles
MarsOz 12 avr 2012 à 6h58