Natural Selection 2

February 22 @ 08:00am

Planlagt af: Hugh

Live from Cologne, Germany - The semi and grand finals of the Natural Selection 2 world championship. Happening over the course of eight hours and with a live studio audience of over one hundred people, this is going to be off the hook. More info here:

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goat-on-a-stick 22. feb 2014 kl. 14:51 
I think you need to post a link...
Hugh, you URL failed, bud. Good effort, though. Its not about winning or losing its how you play the game, right?
King Chad™ 22. feb 2014 kl. 8:27 
Kekkeri 22. feb 2014 kl. 8:02 
go valde and tane!!!
gnolus 22. feb 2014 kl. 8:02 
Where is the twitch tv link.....
SpeedKiller 22. feb 2014 kl. 8:01 
more info here lol
N3tRunn3r 22. feb 2014 kl. 8:00 
Let's rock!